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LINTU Board no. 13

$ 54.00

This birdseye maple board was designed and constructed, in collaboration with her father, by Heidi Wiitanen for KAMPPINEN and is part of a limited collection. A unique-looking wood, birdseye maple can be found in greatest abundance in The Great Lakes Region of North America, mostly in the northern half of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and parts of Canada, near the shores of Lake Superior.

This board was designed with the combination of the function and substance of a wooden cutting/serving board with the modern form of Nordic design, and the unique, pleasing aesthetic of swirling birdseye in mind.

This board is hand-finished, and was wetted and hand-sanded multiple times to attain its very smooth and polished feel.

Detailed Specifications:

For use as a serving board or a cutting board



Made of responsibly-harvested birdseye maple from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Dimensions: 7”x14”


Wood swells when it gets wet and it can cause the board to lose its smooth surface. Please do NOT put in the dishwasher. Do not soak the board in water. Rather, hand wash quickly with gentle soap when needed, and hand-dry with a clean towel immediately. Every once in a while, liberally oil the board with proper cutting board/butcher block oil (not olive oil or regular coconut oil – these will go rancid and cause stickiness). After at least 30 minutes (or even a few hours or overnight), buff the board with a clean cloth to eliminate excess oil. Extra care: If washed often, the board will likely become slightly rougher to the touch. Simply sand the board lightly with fine sandpaper and oil the board using the above instructions. 


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